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Les avantages et inconvénients de l’énergie nucléaire?

The website with all the videos! (Well done Olivia for finding them!)


Understand the pros and cons in English first so you can argue for or against in French

Nuclear power and the environment
Like all industrial processes, nuclear power generation has by-product wastes: radioactive waste and heat.  Nuclear generated electricity does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Radioactive wastes are the principal environmental concern for nuclear power.  Most nuclear waste is low-level nuclear waste.  It is ordinary trash, tools, protective clothing, wiping cloths and disposable items that have been contaminated with small amounts of radioactive dust or particles.  These materials are subject to special regulation that govern their storage so they will not come in contact with the outside environment.

On the other hand the irradiated fuel assemblies are highly radioactive and must be stored in specially designed pools resembling large swimming pools (water cools the fuel and acts as a radiation shield) or in specially designed dry storage containers.  Most nuclear fuel is stored under water. A few reactors store their older and less radioactive fuel in dry storage facilities outside using special concrete or steel containers with air cooling.

Le monde article:

What is biofuel?! understand the idea in English here

Réchauffement climatique

ex3. p8 click here

Verb diagnosis! Click here

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Use today’s powerpoint to work through adverbs and prepositions.

>24/9/12 Hints for figuring out Gender,articleId-25484.html

Play the game on Quizlet

Basic Verbs 🙂 Etre & Avoir

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