¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to Spanish in Year 9

Clothes and colours…

listen to the audio of these phrases to practice your pronunciation http://d.pr/a/RVIs

Then play a ready made game on Quizlet here… http://bit.ly/VqG440


Revise your animals



After marking your test results, here are some general corrections to help you all improve even more. Remember to keep practising your connectives so you can write in paragraphs.

Opinion + an infinitive eg me gusta jugar al fútbol (not juego)

Many of you need to practice the future tense. Remember you cannot get a level 5 without it!!

Mañana voy a jugar al fútbol. you must have the voy + a + infinitive

I have made a Quizlet game to help you! http://quizlet.com/15533476/mira-2-module-1-flash-cards/


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