Bienvenue! Welcome to Year 7 French. This is our very own web page, here you will find lots of songs, videos and powerpoints from class so you can practice them at home.

Practise words from class on Quizlet

Practice the être song! 4 merits for anyone who can sing the whole song! 5 merits including spelling!

Powerpoint on bedroom vocabulary, test yourself!

Practice ‘Bedroom’ vocabulary on Quizlet with this link

Practice ‘Rooms in a House’ vocabulary with this link

click the audio button to listen to the words and play the scatter and space race games


Colours change depending on if the word they describe is masculine or feminine or plural

masc sing.  fem sing. masc plural  fem plural
purple violet violette violets violettes
blue bleu bleue bleus bleues
green vert verte verts vertes
yellow jaune jaune jaunes jaunes
orange orange orange orange orange
red rouge rouge rouges rouges
black noir noire noirs noires
white blanc blanche blancs blanches
grey gris grise gris grises
brown marron marron marron marron
pink rose rose roses roses
light blue   bleu clair  bleu clair bleu clair   bleu clair  
dark blue bleu foncé bleu foncé  bleu foncé bleu foncé


How to describe your pencil case!

Click here to listen to the audio file! Look for ‘ma trousse’!

More useful videos on basic vocabulary

Practice numbers 11-20 like – search Onze à vingt here


What do you like about the website? Is there anything else you would like to see here? If so, leave me a comment below…


14 responses »

  1. Euan M says:

    thank you for giving me pupil of the week

  2. Louisa says:

    I now know most of whats in a bedroom like un tapis , une lampe and other stuff too.

  3. becky buckley says:

    heyyy miss cairns why dont we do a song im ML and put it on?xxxx

  4. Elen says:

    Thanks miss really helpful!!! 🙂

  5. Rhys says:

    Thankyou for helping me revise with my French

  6. meg says:

    thank you so much miss cairns this has real helped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. holly g says:

    I go to france a lot this will help

  8. oliver bickerton says:

    is their any pencil case items

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