Catchy French tune


Spanish DOPit

Found this in a Spanish newspaper on holiday! Enjoy!wpid-20140418-051441.jpg

Top 100 French words!

So we all know I’m a bit of an ICT geek, well here is my latest idea, take ALL the words from ALL the past exam papers and put them into Wordle to see which come out the most often! Do you know the top 100 words?!

(Foundation paper)


Improve your languages – it’s a Doddle

Our new resource for learning languages…

Ask your teacher for your password if you don’t know it.

Even more fun learning a language!

Duolinguo – I highly recommend a new website this summer; it’s a cross between Quizlet and Linguascope and adapts to your level. I will award a merit for each level reached (level 6 = 6 merits). Have fun…

(you just need an email address to start)


Quizlet – practice vocabulary from class at home – FANTASTIC for learning lots and lots of vocab – it’s a flashcard system that shows you the vocabulary you want to learn! Listen and Type or make your own. Sign up to your class if you haven’t already to get notified when a new game is added

Find your class by following the link below…

Year 7 –

Year 8B4 –

Year 8A2 –

Year 9 –

Year 10A1 –

Year 10A4 –

Year 13 A2 –

Here is the audio file for the être song, I know you’ve all been waiting to download it as your ringtone! 😉

Picardy trip

Check out this year’s blog…

Bienvenue! ¡Bienvenido!

Welcome everyone to my resource page where you can find some useful links to the songs and activities we have been learning in class. Let me know if there’s anything else you want putting here otherwise I will post things as we do them in class.

Well done for practising the songs and getting those words in your head! I know I’ve had them stuck in my head all week!

¡hasta pronto! à bientôt!